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Your business has taken off

You've done a lot as an entrepreneur: you identified a need in the marketplace and came up with an innovative idea to fill that need. Your risks paid off. You made it happen. Congratulations 🙌

But as you grow, things get messy.

👉 Your vision and mission shift
👉 Your goals evolve, as do your products and services
👉 Your team grows

All of this makes it harder for your website to clearly communicate what your bring to the table. Your internal systems are bloated and slowing you down.

You’re not fulfilling your potential.

Deep in your heart, you know you could do so much more, you just need some help making sense of the chaos.

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The trick to scaling up your business is to simplify

It’s about making the complex simple and clear.

Your prospective clients need a clear website to understand easily and quickly what you do and why you do it in the best possible way.

You and your team need clarity in your operations to be more efficient and make better decisions faster.

What if you could level up your business without friction?

Ludovic Bourgoin Pro

I'm Ludo, I'm a digital consultant with 8+ years of experience

I work with ambitious entrepreneurs who love what they do and want to push their business to the next level.

In business, clarity means clear marketing and clear processes and systems. I help my clients make sense of the chaos so that they can make real progress toward making their big picture goals.

If you need clarity in your marketing and daily operations to support your growth, I'm your man!

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Ludo is the perfect mix of a marketing strategist and a web designer. More than just creating a stunning website for me, he actually helped me with defining my target audience, pricing and packaging my services. He's a jack of all trades, and he's very good at all he does.

Jeanna D

Jeanna Dufraisse

Founder @ JD Coaching

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Ludo knows how to put his feet in the customer's shoes, it's like he understands you like he's known you for years. Ludo was always source of proposals and his enthousiasm was contagious.

Alexandre Cahagne photo

Alexandre Cahagne

Founder @ RavalAds

Why me?

Why I'm the right choice for you

I have a Masters Degree in Management from France and an MBA from the US. Coming from a marketing and management background, I understand your business challenges.

I co-founded a tech startup in Montreal called CoachOasis, an Airbnb-like marketplace for sports and fitness. I know what it's like to be an entrepreneur, living in the chaos and running a team.

I've been working as a digital project manager and web designer for 8+ years.

Fun facts about me

I’m a digital nomad 🎒. I go from place to place, and I move when I feel like it. I've lived and worked in Paris, Berlin, Montreal, New York, Mexico...

I'm French 🇫🇷 and I can speak English 🇬🇧 or Spanish 🇪🇸 with you.

I named Coolbeans after the movie Hot Rod. There's this absurdly comical scene in which they keep repeating "cool beans". Ask me about it if you’re curious.

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The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

⏤ Hans Hofmann

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